Alguma Coisa de Novo

From the elements present in Terras and Presenças no tempo, Esther Weitzman created this solo, searching, in the body of the dancer, the materialization of different aspects in the relation between time and space and between the movement and silence. Actually, more than a another reading of past choreographies, it deals with a sort of deepening the investigation of how the unforeseen and the hazard alter the notion of linearity on stage. The perception between past and present, sensible time and lived facts, gains new connotations, explored with sensibility and vigour on the body and on the stage.



Director / Conception / Choreography: Esther Weitzman 

Dancer: Rodrigo Gondim 

Lighting: José Geraldo Furtado 

Costumes: Esther Weitzman

Text: Beatriz Cerbino 

Music: Steve Reich

Alexander Technique: Miriam Weitzman


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