Jogo de Damas

If affections move a choreographer, then they manifest themselves throughout his/her works. Choreographer and researcher Esther Weitzman’s signature joy turns the premiere of Jogo de Damas into a cause for celebration of the carioca dance. About to complete 14 years of a continuous work in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Esther Weitzman Companhia de Dança endorses the creation of this new piece, in which it brings special guest artists and its own dancers together. Each name, a singularity understood as beginning and end of the dancing act – an ethic compromise learned from the master Angel Vianna, whose legacy the choreographer has put into practice on a daily basis, working as a movement educator, for no less than 25 years.

In Jogo de Damas, such an aspect gets particularly significant in the sense that Weitzman invests in the dance experience as a strong element of the choreographic piece. Experience, as far as Jogo de Damas is concerned, relates to the present and the past of the dancers who compose the cast. 8 dancers, all female: among them are Claudia Horta, Giselda Fernandes, Mariana Souza, Mônnica Emílio, Patricia Riess , Renata Maciel, Roberta Repetto and Thamiris Carvalho, who attain the double meaning that the piece holds as its title

The choice for dancers who belong to different age groups is key to the dancing sense of the piece. The choreography is a scene once it turns into a game, to the point of extracting expressiveness from the movement experience. Such a trace indicates Weitzman’s poetics, which rests on a consistent and enduring research about the dialogue between dance and silence, responsible for the creation of intense physical landscapes in her works.

Jogo de Damas is a promise of playfulness and poetics to all audiences, no matter how familiar they are with the games of contemporary dance. It invests in the affective intensities generated by the very moment of the game, which work directly in the dancing corporeality to the point of transforming it continuously in the friction of experience. A possibility of tying the stage and the audience together in the context of the theater; both parts are able to share one single act of play.

Thereza Rocha
April 2013


Technical sheet

Concept/choreography: Esther Weitzman

Dancers/Creation: Cláudia Horta /Giselda Fernandes/ Mariana Souza/Patricia Riess / Mônnica Emilio / Renata Maciel /Roberta Repetto/ Thamiris Carvalho

Actual dancers: Gisele Alvim e Aline Valentim

Intern dancers:  Emeline Abib e Maria Noujaim 

Rehearser: Miriam Weitzman

Lighting design: José Geraldo Furtado

Graphic design:  Flavio Pereira

Costume design: Gerah Diaz e André Camacho

Photography: Renato Mangolin

Press Agency: Claudia Oliveira

Company Teachers: Esther Weitzman (Dança Contemporânea), Alexandre Bhering (Mat Pilates), Miriam Weitzman (Técnica Alexander)

Workshop teachers: Carolina Pedalino , Denise Stutz

Invited teachers: Toni Rodrigues , Paulo Marques e Guto Macedo

Text: Thereza Rocha

Translation: André Bern

Lighting board operation: Alexandre Corecha

Vídeomaker : Gustavo Gelmini

Production management: Marcelo Cabanas

Executive production: Camila Martins

Production: Bateia Cultura

Realization: Esther Weitzman Companhia de Dança

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