O Tempo do Meio


All of a sudden, we are taken by the movement of dancers who are deeply involved with their gestures. These gestures evoke something we cannot give a name, movements that flow, morphing into ever new forms – like glimpses of something that leave us behind with the feeling there is nothing we can do about them the moment they vanish. This is what moves O Tempo do Meio, a plot constructed around a diversity of dynamics and time impressions that act both as passages and instants.

The piece proposes the valorization of each movement as a unique, unusual moment. Each choreographic sequence was carefully crafted so as to conceive a notion of “becoming” as if it could have the shape of a line – not one simply defined by the connection of two end points but a multidirectional one. Movement represented by a poetic arrow of the expression of life.

In O Tempo do Meio, choreographer Esther Weitzman adopts a new approach to a recurrent theme in her pieces: the implications and conflicts that arise in the relationship between people and time. Artists Alexandre Bhering, Frederico Paredes, Mônnica Emilio, Peter Mark and Vandré Vitorino come from diverse backgrounds in the dance field and collaborate with the creative process. They all share a common goal here: the abstract and playful questioning of the present moment.


Conception / Choreography / Direction: Esther Weitzman

Dancers /Creation: Alexandre Bhering, Frederico Paredes, Marcelo Lopes, Mônnica Emilio, Peter Mark  e Vandré Vitorino

Dramaturgic colaborations Alexandre Bhering

Light Design: José Geraldo Furtado

Cenography: Leo Bungarten

Graphic Design: Flávio Pereira

Costumes: Ticiana Passos

Photography: Renato Mangolin

Press Release: Ney Motta

Light Operator Alexandre Corecha

Production director: Marcelo Cabanas

Executive director: Camila Martins

Production Assistance: Joseph Andrade

Writer Text organizer: Alessandra Vitória

Text Supervision: Conceição Gonçalves Netto

Compant teachers: Alexandre Bhering( Mat-pilates) Eraci de Oliveira(Dinâmica Muscular) Miriam Weitzman( técnica Alexander) Esther Weitzman(dança contemporânea)

Soundtracks: Jean jacques Lemêtre

Production: Bateia Cultura

Realization : Esther Weitzman Companhia de Dança

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