Por Minha Parte

“Por minha parte sprang during the last company tour, through the North region of Brazil. It is my imaginary country. Delicately strong, sonorous, multiple and colorful. It is a sort of Brazilian sintony shared by everybody, dancers, musician and technichians. 

Each with his own perception, with his own personality and, at the same time, with a sense of collectivity much stronger. Henceforth, I started to think about the state of each and every thing, of the measure of every part. Listening to every peculiarity headed me through new discoveries, led me toward the Other. Other dreams e challenges, new partneships. Along this process, I realized that the work, little by little, acquired its own independence, conquering its own soul. 

I like the idea of not having the absolute control of a new creation, the idea of exercising the hearkening and throw myself into directions suggested by the work itself, exploring hues and qualities different from the ones experienced before. 

From these meetings is made Por minha parte.” 

Esther Weitzman – Coreógrafa

“Eshter Weitzman’s dance fosters new meetings in Por minha parte. Known by the usage of body weight, the interaction with the floor and the spatial construction that results from, this relationship now aggregates shades and possibilities not unveiled before. 

Printing such a delicacy and subtleness on the space in which her dance is constructed, trajectories are established, allowing the uprising of different proposals and structures into time. Thus, the dialogue is amplified and meetings are established with the other and with the music, creating a sort of corporality which is strong and delicate, lyric and rash. The dance of Esther Weitzman incorporates new lines and re-invent itself without repulsing its own identity, which is movable and is always re-constructing itself and, because of this, it is live and plural. It is in this labyrinth of novelties that Por minha parte is established. 

Without asking for permission. 

It just arrives and seduces.” 

Beatriz Cerbino – Dramaturga


Direction/Creation: Esther Weitzman 

Assistant to the direction: Carla Reichelt 

Rehearsal: Joana Abreu 

Interpreters/choreographic collaboration: Alysson Amancio, Carla Reichelt, Edney D’Conti, Milena Codeço e Roberta Repetto 

Text Writer: Beatriz Cerbino 

Lighting design: José Geraldo Furtado 

Setting: Derô Martín e Leo Bungarten 

Costumes: Gerah Diaz, Lena Santana and SoulSeventy 

Graphic Design: Marcello Cavalcanti 

Music Production: Mangajingle 

Composites and Arrangements: Craquelê with: Flavia Ventura (piano), Pedro Guedes (piano) e Pedro Mibielli (violin) 

Special appearance by: Naife Simões (percussion) e Mário Zazv (double-bass)

Press: Claudia Oliveira

Production Director: Sara Calaza 

Photos by: Robson Drummond

Video by: Cavi Borges 

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