Loosely based on Clarice Lispector’s novel Água Viva, Sonoridades marks a special moment in the trajectory of the Esther Weitzman Companhia de Dança. The recipient of a VI Programa de Bolsas RIOARTE Fellowship, the research História da Sonoridade dos Corpos – uma tentativa de dançar Clarice, currently under development, shows its first results in a premiere of rare artistic quality. In this new choreography, the use of silence as a prompter of images, the Company’s trademark language, goes even deeper, searching in the renowned pianist Glenn Gould for the sound possibilities of a body which lives with Clarice in the attempt to capture the moment thorough art. The sensitive interpretation of Lispector’s writing done by the choreographer allows dance to strip of its storytelling accessories to enable the body to construct its own rhetoric in time.

Ever using sensations as a starting point to come to a choreographic idea, Esther Weitzman’s dance now invests not so much in the ability to translate Clarice’s work into movement, but in the attempt to produce movement from the author’s intrinsic fluidity. Juxtaposed, the choreographic and the literary vernaculars can unfold the entrails of the instant, revealing a different flow of sensations that only dance is able to produce.

Between two musical notes there is a note, between two facts there is a fact, between two specks of sand, no matter how close they are, there’s a space interval, there’s a feeling which is inter-feeling – in the interstices of the primordial matter lies the frontier of mystery and fire which is the world’s breath, and the world’s non-stop breathing is what we hear and call silence. 




Director / Conception / Choreography: Esther Weitzman

Assistant Director: Miriam Weitzman

Choreographic Assistant: Joana Abreu

Dancers/Creators of Movement: Carla Reichelt, Carolina Pedalino, Edney D’Conti, Esther Weitzman, Gabriela Monnerat, Milena Codeço, Marcio Cunha, Rodrigo Gondim.

Lighting: José Geraldo Furtado

Costumes Designer: Esther Weitzman e André Camacho (fotos 2,3,4,7)

Photographer: Mauro Kury

Theory Researcher: Alessandra Vitória

Text Writer: Thereza Rocha

Music: Glenn Gould – Johann Sebastian Bach

Ballet Master: Ceme Jambay

Contemporary Dance teacher: Esther Weitzman

Alexander Technique: Miriam Weitzman

Physioterapy/ostheopathy: Ana Christina CertainCury

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