We are always looking for something: a land, an ideal, a religious commitment, a love affair. Something that might hold inside Polarities which get linked to each other in the fluxus of time

Terras dwells on exile. A contemporary dance piece whose aim is putting into question the very displacement, what makes a human being move away, not only in geographical terms, but also away from himself.

The migratory movements, since the war exodus of people made countryless, serve as an allegory to understand the journey after our origins.

Silence is the frontier between giving up and going on with no certainties. A transfer for the soul, when we realize that the space of a foreigner is a vehicle in high velocity in the automatism of the double journey, through the internet highway, through the optic fiber of the cable TV, through the mobile phone, the same net the globalizes the world and makes it distant of its traditions. Although the nomad feeling is one permanently out of area or time detached.


Director / Conception / Choreography: Esther Weitzman

Assistant Director: Miriam Weitzman

Choreographic Assitant: Joana Abreu

Dancers/Creators of Movement: Ana luiza Rehder, Joana  Abreu, Esther Weitzman e Renata Reinheimer.

Lighting: José Geraldo Furtado

Costumes Designer: Gera Dias and André Camacho

Theory Researcher: Alessandra Vitória

Graphic Designer: Olivia Ferreira

Text Writer: Alessandra Vitória

Music (soundtrack): Ruth Rubin e Tom Waits

Voice: Paula Otero

Photographer: Branca Mattos

Ballet Master: Ceme Jambay

Contemporary Dance teacher: Esther Weitzman

Alexander Technique: Miriam Weitzman

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