“The artists who take part in the creation of Territórios with me are already well-known for their careers in other dance companies and do not need to be introduced. Chosen by the uniqueness of what their personalities unveil onstage, I aimed at heterogeneity as our starting and main point. The peculiarity found in the dance of each and every body and the addition of those differences made me believe in the creative potential of the group.
Since Quem é o Rei?, a choreography created in 2004 in the first edition of Ateliê Coreográfico do Rio de Janeiro, I have been longing to work again with a group formed only by men. The masculine world attracted me not only for its strength, but especially for the sense of communion I noticed there. As a matter of fact, the differences were not only the starting point; they were the destination as well.
The path stepped by those professionals, their distinct formation as much as their diverse kinetic qualities, made our challenge, the hard task to find ways to create together, more pleasant. The coexistence within the six months webuild up this work, gave me the opportunity to get aware of the differences and affinities, and, hence, made me realized that the tenderness was our main organizational element. All my kindness regards to you all, boys. And this is the experience that I share with you.

And this is the experience that now I share with you.”

Esther Weitzman

In Territórios, Esther Weitzman deepens her movement research through the physicality of male bodies, creating a vigorous yet delicate and affectionate universe.
Each and every interpreter’s particularities and individualities turn out to be the markers which establish and shape the group’s history through an endless search for re-creation, forging an identity which is unique and plural as well. Incarnated memories carved on bodies which become accessible through convergence and divergence games, passing from playfulness to sobriety. Biographies, thus, which operate not in the grounds of what is constant andlinear but in what is willing to change. In other words, in states which are transferred temporally and spatially, establishing connections and bringing differences closer in order to engender the sense of belonging within reach throughout the piece.
By capturing, quite intriguingly, the sheer vitality of such unique dancers, Esther presents not only another choreography, but a piece in which alterity is unquestionably the core of its constitution. Away from standardizing processes, what is shown onstage are unrivaled moments of a refined perception of the other, from which the voice of the ensemble can be heard.”

Beatriz Cerbino



Director / Conception / Choreography : Esther Weitzman

Choreographic Assistant: Milena Codeço

Rehearsal: Milena Codeço ; Carla Reichelt

Dancers/Creators of Movement: Alexandre Franco, Edney D’Conti, Felipe Padilha, Gerah Diaz, Júlio Lopes, Marcellus Ferreira, Marcelo Lopes, Rodrigo Maia and Samuel Frare

Text Writer: Beatriz Cerbino

Lighting design: José Geraldo Furtado

Soundtrack: Klezmer / Tom Waits

Costumes: André Camacho

Graphic Design: Marcello Cavalcanti

Voice preparation: Leticia Carvalho

Teachers: Alexandre Bhering (contato/improvisação), Esther Weitzman, Carla Reichelt e Milena Codeço (Dança Contemporânea)

Photos: Robson Drummond

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