Jamais Fomos Modernas

Embroider time. Weave and unweave. The reunion of three interpreters willing to reevaluate the nature of their relations among themselves and with their certainties and quests. Jamais fomos Modernas is the new creation of Esther Weitzman after the success of “Terras” which investigated the exile and the lack of a real and cultural territory. 


Artistic Direction, Conception and Choreography: Esther Weitzman 

Choreography assistant and Direction: Joana Abreu 

Dancers and Creation of movements: Carla Reichelt, Joana Abreu e Esther Weitzman 

Text Writer: Beatriz Cerbino 

Lighting: José Geraldo Furtado

Costumes: Gera Dias e André Camacho

Music: Franz Joseph Haydn e Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Photos: Branca Mattos 

Text Review: Kath Pacheco 

Production: Esther Weitzman 

Realization: Studio Casa de Pedra – Centro de Educação e Arte do Movimento 

Thanks to: Miriam Weitzman, Alessandra Vitória e Alexandre Negreiros

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