Presenças no Tempo

This piece searches a new investigation, a research of time. The gesture is the tonic of this work, in which four bodies explore space through circles and back and forth movements.

In Presenças no Tempo, the coreographer Esther Weitzman manufactured a delicate memorial of ancestral gestures. The images lived by the memory are acted out, images imbued with time. The memory that affects and is affected by the sensoriality of the body and by what it demands as reality. Coreographic circle composed by the dancers and by the choreographer.

Presenças is a vigorous pact of bodies motivated by the anxiety for understanding their own phisicality, their endurance before life, its hazards, encounters and separations, and above its ancestrality. The work of composition drafts a map of experiences based in characters that evoke work, maternity, birth, death. In each gesture a converging point is noticeable, a point from where a universality not only of cultures, but also of the movements themselves, emerges.

In the absence of a plot in Presenças no Tempo, the body is the dramatic evidence itself, in search to break the timing of the hours and days. The light, designed by Binho Schaeffer, makes evident the presence and limits of this line of time. Through the memory, however, time can be reinvented, past can preced future, and future can be already gone. The coreography investigates this point of intersection where the experiences of the subject and the collective, the regional and the cultural meet and become timeless. In this context, the role of History questions itself in the subtleness of the facts, becomes perennial before the possibility of being reinvented without beginning, middle or end, without a narrative line, but as a rite of passage made in circles and therefore eternal. The musical selection composed by folkloric songs from the East and West surrounds this multicultural experience, eliminating frontiers.

Presenças no Tempo is the revelation of bodies carrying memories, determining new rythms, renewing themselves in each cycle, in an eternal restart of phrases and gestures that intend to make past, present and future a possibility of experiencing the inexorable.


Director / Conception / Choreography:  Esther Weitzman

Assistant Director: Miriam Weitzman

Choreographic Assistant: Joana Abreu

Dancers/Creators of Movement: Carla Reichelt, Rodrigo Gondim,  Joana Abreu ,Gabriela Monnerat,

Lighting: Binho Schaefer

Costumes Designer: Gera Dias e André Camacho

Dressmakers: Denise, Dona Elvira e Soninha Furacão

Theory Researcher: Alessandra Vitória

Graphic Designer: Olivia Ferreira

Music: “Farewell to Shabbat” “Tziganes II”

Voice: Carolina Costa

Photos: Branca Mattos

Ballet Master: Ceme Jambay

Contemporary Dance teacher: Esther Weitzman

Alexander Technique: Miriam Weitzman

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